Sunday, 5 July 2015

Busy week

Sorry for the lack of updates guys. I have had a busy week! Summer is awesome and I have been out doing things so I haven't been on Animal Jam as much. I hope you have all been well and are also having a wonderful summer! :)

Thursday, 2 July 2015

More death threats

I logged in just now to more cyberbullying and death threats from a Jammer named sand60. The chat filter prevents the saying of certain words, but the message is clear. I've never met this Jammer nor have we ever spoken, but I assume she is a scammer since she hates me for no reason.

"I hope a car hits you."

"I hope you fall of a cliff."

"I hope a building falls on your mother."

 "I hope you get banned."

I look forward to sending these photos to AJHQ. And really, haters, I know it hurts to be jealous of someone more awesome and famous than you, but your not going to chase me away from Animal Jam. I don't know you and your words mean nothing to me. Plus if your patient enough, I won't be around in September because I have to go back to school.

But please, keep sending bad Jamaagrams. All you are doing is giving me ammunition to get you banned for bullying. :)

So yeah report and block sand60! XD

Wednesday, 1 July 2015


Just a reminder to everyone that spam (and threatening comments) will never be posted on this blog. It says so right in the blog description underneath the title.

If your comment looks anything like this:

omg!!!!! he a SCEMMER!!!!!!! I KNEW IT!!!!!!! REPORTS and BLOCKS (name redacted) or sat ever or is!!!!!!!!!! that is SO mean!!!!!!!!!!! firetigerx WHY did u TANK her????? I bet he is just WAOTON to TRICk you!!!!!! and syeal ur rares!!!!!! infact I bbet she is actually (name redacted) IN DOSCUISE!!!!!!!! donut trust him cuz U NEVER NOW espceily when she ADMINS to b a SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it will not get past moderation because I automatically delete comments like these. I am not opposed to people disagreeing with anything they see on my blog, but I will not post it if you cannot be civil or even attempt to try legible spelling and grammar.

I have been getting several comments like this through out the day and have deleted all of them. I consider comments like this as spam. I only shared the one above as an example.

(There may be some comments that got through in the past, and I apologize for my lack of diligence, but there are thousands of comments on this blog and it's not possible for me to find all of the bad ones. When I was fully active over two years ago, there would be up to 40 comments a day to moderate and I often only skimmed before publishing or deleteing because there were so many.)

Needless to say, threatening or harassing comments also never get past the moderation, because I refuse to let bullies have a voice on my blog.

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

New Video!

Hey guys, I have a new youtube channel and I just uploaded a new video. My computer is very old and my graphics card is terrible, but I thought I would test out some new video recording software anyway. It's a little blurry but I can't do much about that until I get a new graphics card (or computer) which is unlikely to be for a while.

Please let me know how it looks!

Have a great day Jammers!

Video -

New channel -

Sunday, 28 June 2015

A sigh of relief (or nor.... see update)

The bully blue54899 has been banned. Reporting bad Jammers does work. (Also emailing AJHQ with photographic evidence of death threats helps too.)

Good riddance.

Update: Turns out he wasn't banned after all, but just changed his username. He's still active on Animal Jam but I do not know his new username. I suspected the name change at first, but I was hopeful Animal Jam had actually did something to combat the cyberbullying going on throughout their game.

I am not surprised though, because that's what cowardly bullies do: run and hide rather than take responsibility for their actions, or heaven forbid, change for the better and apologize. He also has his friends hanging out in my den or trying to spam Jamaa-grams at me (which is easy to put an end to with a block).

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Llama Update! (it's finally working lol)

Llamas are here! So is the Freedom Party, a chance to vote for the next pet (I voted for the peacock), a new minibook about Llamas in the Chamber of Knowledge, and a new exhibit in the Conservation Museum called Wild Peaks!

I honestly could not find anything specific about Llamas in the Conservation Museum, but the Llama Minibook is pretty interesting and has a lot of cool facts in it!

I like Llamas so I am really happy with this update, but of course they are only for members, which is unfortunate. They are in th Diamond Shop for 10 diamonds. I hope they stay and become available for everyone one day! I do not have enough diamonds to buy a Llama right now but I do look forward to getting one someday!

The Diamond Shop also has a new item called the Mira Waterfall for sale for only 2 diamonds. I think it is really beautiful and I would buy one but I would like to save my diamonds for getting a Llama!

I noticed this appeared before the Llama Update, but honestly I am not sure exactly what day it opened. A new Topiary Shop is now in Serepia Forest.

The initial update was terrible and glitchy, but now that it is fixed I really like it, there is a lot of new stuff! I only wish there was more available for purchase for non-members! They get so little as it is. :(

At first I thought it was a bug, but if you notice in the top left of your screens, the Achievement and Gem icons are missing. Do not panic like I did! LOL! You all still have them, but they now appear in the "Change Your Look" screen, above your animal picture.

I haven't been to the Freedom Party yet but I will update with photos of it as soon as I am able to go!

Terrible update! LOL!

Not only is the Jamaa Journal the exact same as two weeks ago (the date still says June 10th on the front page), but there seems to be a problem with opening any of the clothing store menus, as in the waiting screen with the spinning arrow never ends and the only way out of it is to relog. Anyone else having that problem or is it just me?

Wednesday, 24 June 2015


pinkring2 - confirmed as a scammer by her own words. Report and block for bullying and scamming.

From here.

Bullies do not get a voice on my blog

And now blue54899 is leaving threatening comments (which I delete because all comments must be moderated by me before they are published. Bullies DO NOT get a voice on my blog) and in Jamaa-grams. He is a bully. Not just of me but of one of my friend's friend. Report and block.

(PS - if "I'm a nobody" why did you just leave a 300 word hateful comment? YOU MAD BRO? ROFL!)

When I told him I was not going publish his bullying comment he sent this: (science is meant to be "scared", but it is changed by the Animal Jam filter).

Card is supposed to be car. He wants a car to hit me... that's wishing death on someone...
That's a huge violation of the Animal Jam rules as well as cyberbullying. I have sent these screen captures to AJHQ.

blue54899 and co. (aka daily drama dose)

Oh man, I wish so much that I had a decent graphics card on my computer so could record right now! Someone just tried to claim to be me, then called me things like
"narcissist," and a "brat" because I am proud that used to work my butt off to catch scammers and keep Animal Jam safe!

So how this happened was, I was sitting in Jamaa township trading when I saw the little icon in my den go off, notifying me that two people were there. This isn't unusual since I usually keep my den unlocked so people can visit it (hey it's a cool den! But I guess I am arrogant for thinking that too! lol!). The thing is, they stayed for a very long time, so out of curiousity, I logged on an alt and sent them to my den. I have always wondered what people like to do in my den! The two Jammers were still there, and as soon as one of them saw my alt, they immediately started being very rude. (The username for my non-member alt is covered up for security reasons.)

I responded to blue54899's "GET OUYT!" with a simple "This is not your den..." to which he responded:

I tried to tell him that the actual owner of the den was online (because I was LOL) but he said:

I replied with "yes..." as in yes I am but he continued to try and claim be me:

As a side note, there two other people were there with him, pinkring2 and CarbonDioxide.

So he sent me a Jamaa-gram on my main user to see if I really was online:

I immediately responded that I was the penguin and that's when the hilarious backpedalling began:

I wasn't buying it. What if an innocent Jammer just came to see my den? He had no right too be rude, let alone, lie and claim to be me! Sorry dude, that makes you a bad Jammer. So I asked (through my alt) for them to leave my den, to which blue54899 responded:

Having had enough I just went there on firetigerx and locked the den, kicking everyone out. I do NOT want rude people or liars in my den.

When I left, I found they had landed in the same world (we were previously in Aldan, which was now full) and I didn't get all of our conversation but I told them I was going to post about it. Mainly because blue54899 tried to claim to be me. I did also call him a scammer, which I should not have done without proof, but claiming to be someone else is something a scammer would do so...

Anyway I told them that people would know that he is a liar when I make this post, and they started say things like "no one knows who you are" and the such, and called me "narcissist" and "brat" for daring saying that if anyone knows their names after today, it's because I posed about them, because, yes I am famous in my own way. (They also said I was like someone named "cerise"? I do not know who that person is *shrugs*)

Hey guys, if I am not famous then why did you say you were fans of mine? And say you were making a movie in my den? Why my den of all dens? Oh right, because my name is known.... that's called fame... 

I should not have called him a scammer, that is something I regret, but I do not at all regret being proud of who I am and what I used to do. I worked hard to keep Animal Jam safe, and I am remembered for it because I was one of the few who tried to do so. When there are so many scammers, those who try and stand against the bad crowd are the ones who are remembered, because they stand out as different and therefore memorable. But according to these people I met today, I am not allowed to be proud of any of that.

Had they been polite to my alt and said something like "hey we're making a movie and do not wish to be disturbed, could you please leave" then I probably would have been like "cool" and signed my alt off. In fact I would have been very flattered. But no, they took a different route. They took the route of rudeness and lies, and that is unfortunate, because it makes them look like suspicious and bad Jammers to me.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

June 22nd - June 23rd, 2015

twinkle714 - I was sitting quietly in Jamaa township, waiting for trades, when this person sent me a Jamaa-gram asking me to come to my den because they wanted to ask me something. I replied they could have asked me in town. They then sent another Jamaa-gram in response saying I could win a rare spike. I responded saying that wasn't a question and that if they wanted to trade they could also do that in town. Then I sent one more asking them if they knew who I was and told them it was a bad idea to try and trick me at which point they sent one last Jamaa-gram with question marks and finally vacated my den. If they sound like a scammer than they probably are a scammer.

stratagemay - this person was saying that they were giving membership away at their den. The first red flag is that, other than giving membership away being a huge violation of the Animal Jam rules, they themselves are not a member. It is likely they will ask for your account info so they can apply the membership but in reality they will just log on to your account, change the password and steal any rares off of it. The only way to get membership is to buy it, and giving your personal details to strangers is incredibly dangerous and foolish.