Sunday, 17 May 2015

Summer 2015

School is out finally and I have a bit more free time on my hands. I have been on Animal Jam a few times and oh my have so many things changed. I know I am really too old to play (I will be turning 18 in August @_@*) but I can't help myself but go and play some of the new games and adventures.

You may see my sad little non-member self around this summer!

Heck if I have too much fun I may end up buying membership for a month or so! I just can't seem to let my inner child go! Animal Jam is just too much fun.

(Sadly though, I have retired from scammer watching, so I will not be making any more videos - I don't quite have that much free time - but I always encourage everyone to be good to each other and stop scammers when they see them!)

Here's me totally killing it in my non-member bat glasses! LOL!

Monday, 1 December 2014

An Explaination... and a Goodbye

I want to apologize to everyone who supported me, the scammer watch movement, and this blog. I am sorry for disappearing so suddenly without a word.

Unfortunately, I don't want to get anyone's hopes up, I am not coming back to Animal Jam, but I feel I owe you all an explanation at least.

When I stopped playing Animal Jam, I had a lot of things going on in my life and spending hours every day playing and recording and blogging was becoming more and more difficult. I had already decided to myself that I was going to stop playing and I even had an idea for a one last goodbye video planned.

The thing is, I just didn't have time anymore, I was getting older and real life responsibilities were catching up to me. On top of that, because of my age I didn't feel right playing Animal Jam. I am 17 as I write this final blog post, and even though I know it's not "old" in a technical sense, I was still much older than most players on Animal Jam, even when I quit at age 16. It could even be argued that I was too old when I started playing, at age 14.

I hate using the word quit actually. I didn't "quit" Animal Jam. I think a better way to word it was that I grew up and moved on to things more age appropriate for myself as well as things that did not take up so much of my free time between family responsibilities and school work.

I cannot express enough to all of you who supported me how much joy filled me to try and bring justice to those who have been wronged by being scammed. Playing Animal Jam, making friends, even chasing scammers, and spending many hours filming, editing that film and blogging were some of the most fulfilling days of my life at the time. Every player I met and got to be friends with, made me feel special. When I would read comments on my blog or videos saying that people had been helped because of the time and effort I was taking to scam watch, it made me feel like I had real purpose to my life!

I don't have enough thank yous in the universe for everyone who has supported me, and most of all who has taken up the fight for justice and makes an effort, no matter how little, to stop the scammers!

So this is my goodbye. I apologize if my explanation is lacking or unsatisfactory. I am sorry I never got around to making that final goodbye video. Even though I am no longer there, I hope Jammers continue to try and stop scamming when they see it. Every little bit makes a difference!

And finally, I know this became sort of a catch phrase for me, but I claim no ownership over it. These are words that belong to all Jammers who believe in and live by them! And it is the only way I can think of rightfully ending this final blog post. Come on now, say it with me!

Be a Jammer! Not a scammer!

Saturday, 12 January 2013

January 2nd, 2013

magicman101 (member) - this person was trying the Decline All Trades scam. They accepted a trade for someone's Leap Year Top Hat and ran away.

ASDF7741 (member) - this person was also trying the Decline All Trades scam.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

January 1st, 2013

coreylin20 (non-member) - First scammer of 2013 trying the Decline All Trades Scam.

hornsandpads (non-member) - this person was trying the Decline All Trades scam.

diredog (member) - this person sent me a Jamaagram in an attempt tp pull an Arctic Wolf code scam on me. They later said they were kidding but I don't care. If people think it's funny to waste my time and tell me they scam or "pretend" to scam me, then they will be listed on my Scammer Watch blog. Real funny now huh?

rosslynch4419 (non-member) - this person was saying they would give their non-member scary bat wings to whoever made the best trade for the non rares on their trade list. Like all scammers who try this they will likely take any rares traded to them and run away and not give the promised wings since they will not just trade them fairly.

Monday, 31 December 2012

December 31st, 2012

herobrien123 (member) - on December 29th, this person told me they would not scam anymore after I caught their alt and goaded them into revealing their member user. He said he was sorry and I believed it at the time because I like to give the benefit of the doubt - but boy was I wrong. I logged on today to find these Jamaagrams in my inbox:
A little later herobrine123 found me in Coral Canyons and made more admissions of guilt. In fact herobrine123 straight up bragged about it. He also threatened to hack me and he bullied me and my friends. That is three things he can be reported for: scamming, bullying and safety (hacking). Report herobrien123 and his alt SaudiArabiaKing. See the video here.

ImTrustWorthyisBack (member) - this girl was saying she would give her whole trade list to anyone who sent her a beta item as a free gift in a Jamaagram but stopped as soon as she saw me. She then spent the next hour trying to beg and bribe me into not posting the video I took. Edit: I am still contemplating wether I should or not since I talked to her later, had a normal conversation and honestly she does seem like a genuinely nice person and I do not understand why she feel the need to scam people.

yodude1212 (member) - this person was promising to give everything they were wearing to whoever sent them the best gift. Will likely just run away and not give anything in return since they won't trade his rares fairly.

coreylin20 (non-member) - trying the Decline All Trades scam.

ilovemycatMOCHA (member) - this person tried to scam me while I was on a storage user buy saying they could give me a membership code. Claimed they had an extra Arctic Wolf code that they got for Christmas and demanded I give them rares for it. Most people who say they have an extra Lion/Arctic Wolf/Snow Leopard code are lying anyway so I left after telling them I didn't believe them.

December 30th, 2012

kitty07825 (member) - this person was trying the Decline All Trades scam. Ran away when several people, including myself, called her out as a scammer.

Jammer2517610 (member) - Decline Trade scamming. Ran away as soon as he saw me.

December 29th, 2012

cupcakecandybar (non-member) - Decline All Trades scammer.

QueenofDeclines (member) - if her username doesn't scream OBVIOUS SCAMMER, check out this Decline All Trades scammer lying and accepting my trade in this video.

SaudiArabiaKing (non-member) aka herobrien123 (member) - this person was trying to scam with the Decline All Trades scam on his non-member alt, SaudiArabiaKing, but I goaded him into revealing his member user. After calling me a scammer he said he would not scam anymore. I did believe him at the time, but it turns out I was wrong. See the video of this incident here and see why I was wrong in believing he wouldn't scam any more here.

December 28th, 2012

darkshadow1000 (non-member) - this person was trying the Decline All Trades scam.

cutekitty27679 (non-member) - another Decline Trade scammer. She says she will decline even if it is rare so that you will try to trade a rare so she can accept it an run away. Don't be entired or dared into trying this - they are always lying and it is always a scam. She ran away immediately when I called her a scammer.

haydad7777 (member) - yet another Decline All Trades scammer. =_=

December 27th, 2012

backpack8796 (non-member) - this person was trying the Decline All Trades scam. When I called him out as a scammer he said he would get me banned before running away.

awesome80057 (non-member) - this guy was also trying the decline all trades scam. He was working with a member fox to try and convince people he was the real deal but I unfortunately didn't get her username.

saveasnow (member) - yet another Decline All Trades scammer. *sighs*

December 24th, 2012

supkelsey614 (member) and maybe CaseyTiger19 (member) - this person was offering a Snow Leopard Code if you sent them a rare. Should be an obvious scam since he tried this scam on December 9th as well. Claimed he gave someone named CaseyTiger19 a Lion Code but it turns out they were friends and I bet they were trying to scam together.

cameron37778 (member) - this person was trying the Decline All Trades scam and promised to never accept a trade. Of course she was lying. On Christmas eve of all days. I hope she got coal from Santa! See the short video here.

cooltori12382 (member) - this person was saying she would send two fox hats if you sent her a bow and arrow and later said she would give 5 fox hats and 5 bow and arrows if you sent a non-member sword. She would not, however, prove she had more than one fox hat or any bow and arrows by putting them on trade. She will just run away if she gets sent any rares.

holly08144 (member) - this girl was trying the Decline All Trades scam, and like all who do this scam she will accept if it is rare enough for her and run away.

December 23rd, 2012

YorkMan56533 (non-member) - This little guy was trying the Decline All Trades scam and the Lion Code scam. When I called him out as a scammer he turned around and tried to get the people around him to report ME for scamming. LOL!

Friday, 28 December 2012

December 22nd, 2012

dani21449 (member) - this girl was saying she would give a "real code" for any rares you sent her but she would not specify what kind of code it was and ran away when I called her a scammer.

rose75355 (non-member) - this person was trying the Decline All Trades scam in Coral Canyons.