Monday, 24 August 2015

icyhands and alts - Jammer Wall spam (updated)

icyhands & iamhereasyouwished (same person) - while I was offline this Jammer spammed my Jammer Wall, bragging about being a scammer and trying to trick others into scamming with them. I'm sure this is just someone's throw-away alt but here's some of the posts they put on my wall anyway. Report and block icyhands AND iamhereasyouwished for scamming, bullying and safety.

It only took me about two minutes to clear the wall of the spam so those two hours they wasting posting on my wall was for nothing lol.

Also, in the nearly four years I have been playing no one has successfully driven me away with threats of hacking or spamming or bullying. What I have seen recently isn't even the worst I have ever dealt with. In fact I find it hilarious in how droll and unoriginal it is. Come up with something new already, all you haters are boring. Seriously, lol.

Edited to add:

Friday, 21 August 2015

Another death threat (updated with important corrections)

loviegirl13 and lisa1104 - a Jammer with one of the most ironic usernames ever sent me some death threats last night, (as well as someone named lisa1104). I had not met nor spoken to either of these Jammers before these Jamaa-grams were sent.

"I hope you die so nobody cares about you."

"Lol, I'm kidding don't report me please lol" - I originally followed this with "except she's not kidding because she immediately sends another death threat after this" because I did not notice an error I made when uploading. (see paragraph below pictures). Anyway what kind of monster person thinks telling complete strangers (or even anyone they do know) to kill themselves is a joke? Cyber bullying is never funny.

"Lol nobody cares about you leave this world."

My haters obviously care about me, since they can't stop thinking about me or expending so much effort to try and get me to leave Animal Jam. LOL!

And I just want to say, even though I post a lot of the negative messages I get here, for every death threat or hate mail I receive, there's always at least 10-20 messages a day from caring fans who are grateful for what I do and and want to thank me, or just send a nice message. And that's every day. I try to respond to every single one and even if I don't I still appreciate every positive message because it lets me know that I am not wasting my efforts trying to keep Animal Jam a safe and fun place for all Jammers!

Edit: I try for accuracy in all my posts, and in this post I made an error. A correction has to be made. The third Jamaa-gram was sent by a Jammer named lisa1104 and not by loviegirl13, however I did not notice this because in the image I still have loviegirl13's playercard open and that is what I usually look at when screen capturing and uploading images. I apologize for the error. Ironically it was loviegirl13 who pointed this out, but she has been backpedalling and caught lying in the very comments of this post, so it will not be deleted. However it is important to note that loviegirl13 is not the only one to blame for the death threats and I will try to be more villigant in noticing details like that in the future.

Report and block loviegirl13 and lisa1104 for bullying, safety and inappropriate behaviour! :)

Also who's hyped for the lynxes? I want one but my membership will probably run out before they are introduced into the game lol!

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Scammers August 15th - 19th

Jammer0819 - this jammer was claiming to be giving away their list of rares through trust trading at their den. I didn't go to their den this should be an obvious scam since they will accept rares in a trust trade then immediately lock their den.

imawolfgurlz - this jammer was saying they would give away their list at there den. When we got there she said it was a trust trade, and (thankfully) everyone there wouldn't fall for it. She claimed that she previously gave away a rare long to a non-member but still no one would fall for this trick and she ran away or logged out.

fanggs - trying the "decline all trades" scam. Thankfully I didn't see anyone trade her and she eventually left.

sparklestar5233 -  this person was claiming they would give their list of rares to whoever sent them the 100th gift. Not only is this a lazy way to collect items but people don't give away rares for nothing. Anyway some other wise jammers and myself called her out as a scammer and she started counting down from 85 to 100 except that there was no ways she was getting that many gifts that quickly, plus as soon as she got to 99 she suddenly shouted SERVER CHANGE, and ran away, taking the gifts of whoever sent her anything in the world with her.
tacocat101 provided a video he took of this scam - see here.

gamer167 - this person was giving away their user at their den (you have to read the faded chat in the first picture to see what they are saying) and when i got to their den they claimed it wasn't even their user that they were giving away. Never accept someone's offer to give you their account. This is how you will get hacked as they will steal anything you put on it but resetting the password on the parental dashboard.

Darkrose4 - this jammer was claiming they send rare back if you sent them items from the Epic Wonders store. People don't usually just give away rares so this is probably an attempt to scam. Thankfully no one fell for it and called her out on it. She got angry and left but I found her on a different world trying to trade fairly so for that she gets a caution orange listing. Hopefully she won't try scamming again.

christina12354 - claiming to be doing a giveaway at their den. I didn't go because I know these are always scams. They have them at their dens so they can trick you out of your rares somehow then lock their den and kick you out. If people are truly doing a no scam giveaway there is nothing stopping them from doing it in town where they can't quickly get away if they scam.

horseawesome3 - this jammer is a huge scammer who works hard to get you to like them so they can scam you more easily. They claimed to be giving away their outfit at there den, and when I and other people arrived, she then informed us it was a trust trade. She pretended to be very nice and say she would give away her den rares as a participation prize to everyone who didn't win. I tried to warn everyone that she would accept a trade and lock her den but sadly no one would listen to me because they believed her obvious lies. In the end she did exactly what I warned everyone she would do and accepted a trade and immediately locked her den. Report and block horseawesome3, she is a red alert scammer of the worst kind.

moomoocow182 - wanted to trust trade at their den. Will probably accept a rare trade and lock their den like these scammers always do. Seriously guys, don't trust trade people, it is always a scam.

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Another bully

yumsodafan100 - another person I have never met and never talked to decided to send hate mail. Report and block yumsodafan100 for bullying, safety and inappropriate behavior so they cannot bother you as well.

I've been trying to play more but I haven't caught many scammers. They see me and run I guess lol.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

August 12th 2015 bully

wolffox939 - logged in this morning to this. They want me to die in a fire. I've heard this death threat so many times it actually bores me now lol. Report and block wolffox939 for bullying, safety and inappropriate Jamaa-gram!

Hey haters. I know jealousy hurts, but love me or hate me, you're still thinking about me, which means I win. ;)

Sunday, 9 August 2015

August 8th, 2015

roar9773 - this person was saying they were giving away their non rare spike at their den. When everyone got there they said the first person to Jamaa-gram them would get the spike. Several people sent Jamaa-grams, and after a moment or two people started asking who had won, roar9773 immediately locked their den and kicked everyone out. I found out afterwards, but talking to some of the Jammers who where there, that some had sent small rares with their Jamaa-grams, and thus were scammed.

ccast4 - this scammer was asking people to gift her rares and the best rare gift would get her spike collar. I attempted to stop this obvious and lazy way to collect rares by confronting her and telling anyone who would listen that what she would not send the spike collar to anyone in the end, and just take it off to make it look like she had sent it. Thankfully some wise Jammers also realized this was a scam and tried to help me stop her. When ccast4 realized the pressure was on she pretended to select a winner but, like I had predicted, all she did was take off the spike collar from her Arctic Wolf. A quick look at her other animals still showed them wearing the collar thus it was still in her inventory. If you search her username in Animal Jam, her Arctic Wolf is again wearing the spike collar.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

The Beta party

Just so everyone knows, none of the items sold at the so called "Beta" party are real betas.

And AJHQ just straight up lies to us about it and says they are.

*epic facepalm*

Beta was in 2010. I joined in 2011 and played until 2013 until I quit for two years. None, absolutely none, of those items were in the game before I quit.

So they ARE NOT betas.

What do you think you are doing AJHQ, lying so blatantly to us? Seriously...

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Recent scammers

DN67 - trying the "decline all trades" scam. People who do this will say things like "I delcined a spike (or headdress or anything else very valuable and rare) so that people will try to trade those things. But of course if you do, they will accept and run away. Just don't ever try and trade people who do this. They are always scammers.

twinklebunny17 - not a scammer as far as I know, but they called me a name (ie. bullied me) when I would not accept their unfair trade for one of my rares.

qwertyuiop12488 - attempting to trick people into thinking wall paint was glitched when it is not. The ones they had on trade are normal colors. And this is one of the reasons I have no interest in "glitched" items. Too many scammers use the ignorance of others to scam with normal items, claiming they are glitched.

goddessofgold101 - another "decline all trades" scammer. The problem with this particular trick is that in the end she very well may just send something you can buy in the store or win at the summer carnival. That is of course if she doesn't just accept the rares you try and trade and run away. Since I didn't actually see her scam anyone though, she gets a caution orange.

lovecat103 - and yet another "decline all trades" scammer. I think it's foolish to try and trade any rares to Jammers who do this but for now they get a caution orange as well.

turnupboy22 - this person was claiming they would give a spike (though they would not say if it was a spike collar or spike wristband) to anyone who flash traded them rares for six seconds or longer. They came out of a trade and suddenly disappeared so I can only assume they either accepted a trade and ran away or recognized me and went to scam on a different server.

oldsmellypuff - this Jammer was claiming to be giving a way a black long (I assume spike) at their den, but did not have a black long spike on trade and they ran away when I asked them to prove they had one. Usually how this scam goes is they ask people at their den to trust trade them rares, then accept a rare they like and immediately lock everyone out of their den.

loveseal248 - this person was asking for people's unwanted or unused member accounts. I'm on the verge of listing loveseal248 as a red alert scammer/hacker since this is how people end up getting hacked. NEVER share your password with anyone, even if you do not use that account anymore.

theabyss - this person was trying the "decline all trades" scam, claiming they would give an unused diamond card to whoever tried trading the best rares. This is an obvious scam and they are only trying to tempt people with an undoubtably fictional diamond card so they will trade their rares. Please block people who do this. If you let your greed make you believe them you will end up being scammed every time.

rooseveltroadrunner - they claimed to be going a give away for a Freedom horn helmet, but the one they had on trade was not a Freedom one, but one you can buy in stores. Derp.