Sunday, 26 July 2015

Recent scammers

DN67 - trying the "decline all trades" scam. People who do this will say things like "I delcined a spike (or headdress or anything else very valuable and rare) so that people will try to trade those things. But of course if you do, they will accept and run away. Just don't ever try and trade people who do this. They are always scammers.

twinklebunny17 - not a scammer as far as I know, but they called me a name (ie. bullied me) when I would not accept their unfair trade for one of my rares.

qwertyuiop12488 - attempting to trick people into thinking wall paint was glitched when it is not. The ones they had on trade are normal colors. And this is one of the reasons I have no interest in "glitched" items. Too many scammers use the ignorance of others to scam with normal items, claiming they are glitched.

goddessofgold101 - another "decline all trades" scammer. The problem with this particular trick is that in the end she very well may just send something you can buy in the store or win at the summer carnival. That is of course if she doesn't just accept the rares you try and trade and run away. Since I didn't actually see her scam anyone though, she gets a caution orange.

lovecat103 - and yet another "decline all trades" scammer. I think it's foolish to try and trade any rares to Jammers who do this but for now they get a caution orange as well.

turnupboy22 - this person was claiming they would give a spike (though they would not say if it was a spike collar or spike wristband) to anyone who flash traded them rares for six seconds or longer. They came out of a trade and suddenly disappeared so I can only assume they either accepted a trade and ran away or recognized me and went to scam on a different server.

oldsmellypuff - this Jammer was claiming to be giving a way a black long (I assume spike) at their den, but did not have a black long spike on trade and they ran away when I asked them to prove they had one. Usually how this scam goes is they ask people at their den to trust trade them rares, then accept a rare they like and immediately lock everyone out of their den.

loveseal248 - this person was asking for people's unwanted or unused member accounts. I'm on the verge of listing loveseal248 as a red alert scammer/hacker since this is how people end up getting hacked. NEVER share your password with anyone, even if you do not use that account anymore.

theabyss - this person was trying the "decline all trades" scam, claiming they would give an unused diamond card to whoever tried trading the best rares. This is an obvious scam and they are only trying to tempt people with an undoubtably fictional diamond card so they will trade their rares. Please block people who do this. If you let your greed make you believe them you will end up being scammed every time.

rooseveltroadrunner - they claimed to be going a give away for a Freedom horn helmet, but the one they had on trade was not a Freedom one, but one you can buy in stores. Derp.

Monday, 20 July 2015

And yet more cyber bullying out of nowhere

Really cyber bullying on Animal Jam has become out of hand. Or maybe it's just me? Two years ago when I was a full time scammer catcher, I never received this much hate, even though I was much more well known and the bane of scammers everywhere. And now I barely have time to play and it still comes at me all the time and I really don't know why, (also why my Jammer Wall has to be locked down since otherwise I log into 50+ hate messages spammed all over it).

Um, okay???

Empty threats of bodily harm since you can't hurt me in the game and you don't know where I live in real life.

No. No it's not. I've had it and worn it for over three years.

I'm mean? But your the one sending mean and threatening messages to someone you don't know and have never talked directly to before. Fail.

Seriously, I rarely see scammers anymore, but the cyber bullies man, just wow. I don't understand why AJHQ doesn't ban these people instantly, expecially when you report the Jamaa-gram and it obviously contains content that violates the Animal Jam rules.

So yeah, iloveanimaljam65681 is a cyber bully. Please report them for bullying and inappropriate Jamaa-grams then block them so they cannot threaten you as well.

Monday, 13 July 2015

The Jammer Wall

... is both really cool but also a complete nightmare!

Some things I really wish were implemented:

- post cap so the same Jammer cannot spam like 20-30 messages in a row while you're offline.

- a mass deletion option, to get rid of the troll/spam posts.

- letting owners of the wall post messages on the sidebar, so their wall rules or any other customized post don't get lost in the stream.

- preventing Jammers you have blocked from posting on your wall...

I like leaving my wall unlocked so fans can say hi and thank you and whatnot but wow I logged in today to 70 posts made between two Jammers who did nothing but troll and make demands of me while I was offline. Deleting all those messages one by one took forever and after I blocked them they continued to post on my wall. *facepalms*

And there is no convenient way to give AJHQ suggestions about improving features on the wall either.

So yeah, it's cool but also not cool if you're someone like me who gets tons of messages every day. I look forward to improvements in the future!

Friday, 10 July 2015

Some bad things and one really cool good thing!

This is what my Animal Jam has become. I log in every day to nasty Jamaa-grams and AJHQ really does nothing, yet claims that their game is a safe environment for children.

I've been busy in real life, you know, going outside and enjoying my summer, until three days ago when I became very sick and had to be hospitalized with a potentially life threatening illness. When I got home from the hospital and had the strength to get to my computer, this was waiting for me in my inbox:

Obviously the chat filter prevents certain words from being said, but the meanings are relatively clear.

 "Your moment is over/Your time is up (I'm not 100% sure what "wait and as" is supposed to mean).

"You should commit (something it's) suicide."

"How about you leave this place, bitch."

This person also send me a friend request. Like LOL no, why would I friend you when you threaten me. And for those who are not clear a death threat doesn't have to be direct "I'm going to kill you." Telling someone to commit suicide does fit into that catagory.

That was two days ago. And yesterday I got this. Not as bad but I have no idea who this person is or why they think I am mean.

I'm mean because I don't let scammers or bullies get away with stealing and lying and making people feel bad. LOL! I'm sorry but if you do any of those things you deserve to be publicly shamed, and not only will I shame you, I won't feel bad about it either. If AJHQ won't live up to their word to keep good Jammers safe then someone needs to keep track of, and inform, who the unsafe players are.

So yeah please report and block ivna22123 and possibly baconcarebear so they do not harass you as well.

I actually haven't seen that many scammers lately, but the bullies, wow they are out in force, and if it is happening to me then it is happening to other Jammers as well, and that worries me greatly, especially with the new Jammer Wall being released. I have already seen it abused as some of my friends have been harassed on it.


The user formerly known as blue54899 sought me out and apologized for the things he said and the threatening Jamaa-gram. He has a new username now, because he wants to start over. I am not going to reveal his new username (nor confirm any that have been speculated about) because I believe it is up to him to reveal that information if he so wishes. Also I do not want anyone giving him a hard time or harassing him for past actions.

You don't have to believe it is true or not, but until proven otherwise, everyone deserves a second chance. I admit I am conflicted how I feel on the matter, but I cannot deny that I truly appreciate his efforts in giving an apology. At least he tried and sometimes just trying is the most sincere and courageous thing someone can do.

So yeah sorry I couldn't keep up with the new and very cool update, I was very sick and bed ridden but I am getting better. I hope everyone has a wonderful day! Stay safe Jammers! (Please forgive the many typos and grammatical errors in this post!)

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Busy week

Sorry for the lack of updates guys. I have had a busy week! Summer is awesome and I have been out doing things so I haven't been on Animal Jam as much. I hope you have all been well and are also having a wonderful summer! :)

Thursday, 2 July 2015

More death threats

I logged in just now to more cyberbullying and death threats from a Jammer named sand60. The chat filter prevents the saying of certain words, but the message is clear. I've never met this Jammer nor have we ever spoken, but I assume she is a scammer since she hates me for no reason.

"I hope a car hits you."

"I hope you fall of a cliff."

"I hope a building falls on your mother."

 "I hope you get banned."

I look forward to sending these photos to AJHQ. And really, haters, I know it hurts to be jealous of someone more awesome and famous than you, but your not going to chase me away from Animal Jam. I don't know you and your words mean nothing to me. Plus if your patient enough, I won't be around in September because I have to go back to school.

But please, keep sending bad Jamaagrams. All you are doing is giving me ammunition to get you banned for bullying. :)

So yeah report and block sand60! XD

Wednesday, 1 July 2015


Just a reminder to everyone that spam (and threatening comments) will never be posted on this blog. It says so right in the blog description underneath the title.

If your comment looks anything like this:

omg!!!!! he a SCEMMER!!!!!!! I KNEW IT!!!!!!! REPORTS and BLOCKS (name redacted) or sat ever or is!!!!!!!!!! that is SO mean!!!!!!!!!!! firetigerx WHY did u TANK her????? I bet he is just WAOTON to TRICk you!!!!!! and syeal ur rares!!!!!! infact I bbet she is actually (name redacted) IN DOSCUISE!!!!!!!! donut trust him cuz U NEVER NOW espceily when she ADMINS to b a SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it will not get past moderation because I automatically delete comments like these. I am not opposed to people disagreeing with anything they see on my blog, but I will not post it if you cannot be civil or even attempt to try legible spelling and grammar.

I have been getting several comments like this through out the day and have deleted all of them. I consider comments like this as spam. I only shared the one above as an example.

(There may be some comments that got through in the past, and I apologize for my lack of diligence, but there are thousands of comments on this blog and it's not possible for me to find all of the bad ones. When I was fully active over two years ago, there would be up to 40 comments a day to moderate and I often only skimmed before publishing or deleteing because there were so many.)

Needless to say, threatening or harassing comments also never get past the moderation, because I refuse to let bullies have a voice on my blog.

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

New Video!

Hey guys, I have a new youtube channel and I just uploaded a new video. My computer is very old and my graphics card is terrible, but I thought I would test out some new video recording software anyway. It's a little blurry but I can't do much about that until I get a new graphics card (or computer) which is unlikely to be for a while.

Please let me know how it looks!

Have a great day Jammers!

Video -

New channel -

Sunday, 28 June 2015

A sigh of relief (or nor.... see update)

The bully blue54899 has been banned. Reporting bad Jammers does work. (Also emailing AJHQ with photographic evidence of death threats helps too.)

Good riddance.

Update: Turns out he wasn't banned after all, but just changed his username. He's still active on Animal Jam but I do not know his new username. I suspected the name change at first, but I was hopeful Animal Jam had actually did something to combat the cyberbullying going on throughout their game.

I am not surprised though, because that's what cowardly bullies do: run and hide rather than take responsibility for their actions, or heaven forbid, change for the better and apologize. He also has his friends hanging out in my den or trying to spam Jamaa-grams at me (which is easy to put an end to with a block).

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Llama Update! (it's finally working lol)

Llamas are here! So is the Freedom Party, a chance to vote for the next pet (I voted for the peacock), a new minibook about Llamas in the Chamber of Knowledge, and a new exhibit in the Conservation Museum called Wild Peaks!

I honestly could not find anything specific about Llamas in the Conservation Museum, but the Llama Minibook is pretty interesting and has a lot of cool facts in it!

I like Llamas so I am really happy with this update, but of course they are only for members, which is unfortunate. They are in th Diamond Shop for 10 diamonds. I hope they stay and become available for everyone one day! I do not have enough diamonds to buy a Llama right now but I do look forward to getting one someday!

The Diamond Shop also has a new item called the Mira Waterfall for sale for only 2 diamonds. I think it is really beautiful and I would buy one but I would like to save my diamonds for getting a Llama!

I noticed this appeared before the Llama Update, but honestly I am not sure exactly what day it opened. A new Topiary Shop is now in Serepia Forest.

The initial update was terrible and glitchy, but now that it is fixed I really like it, there is a lot of new stuff! I only wish there was more available for purchase for non-members! They get so little as it is. :(

At first I thought it was a bug, but if you notice in the top left of your screens, the Achievement and Gem icons are missing. Do not panic like I did! LOL! You all still have them, but they now appear in the "Change Your Look" screen, above your animal picture.

I haven't been to the Freedom Party yet but I will update with photos of it as soon as I am able to go!

Terrible update! LOL!

Not only is the Jamaa Journal the exact same as two weeks ago (the date still says June 10th on the front page), but there seems to be a problem with opening any of the clothing store menus, as in the waiting screen with the spinning arrow never ends and the only way out of it is to relog. Anyone else having that problem or is it just me?

Wednesday, 24 June 2015


pinkring2 - confirmed as a scammer by her own words. Report and block for bullying and scamming.

From here.