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I used to report and list people who beg a lot, but I am trying not to list people who beg as often, because beggers aren't necessarily always scammers - though it seems that many of them do lie about being poor or being hacked to guilt trip people into sending them gifts. I would rather try and list the people who are blatant scammers because they are the one's who make Animal Jam unfun for everyone else. The reason for this is that there is a huge difference between asking people to donate unwanted stuff (begging) and lying and making false promises to cheat others out of their items (scamming).

Also, older posts on this blog may now be slightly or completely inaccurate. There are many people who have reformed their ways and no longer scam at all (or even as often or as badly, because even a little improvement is better than nothing), even though they continue to play Animal Jam either under the name once listed here or using completely new accounts. People like this do exist, and I know because I am friends with some of them.

Sometimes my current posts may be inaccurate unfortunately. I try to post only what I see and hear, but I know resentment from others and gossip can cause me to believe and report the wrong thing. It has happened several times and will probably continue to happen, but I do try to be as accurate as possible on who I list as scammers on my blog. If you see a post you disagree with then please be civil in your response, hopefully with evidence on the contrary to what I have posted, so I can weigh the issue and possibly update the post with more accuracy.

Spam and threatening comments will never be published on this blog.

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