Friday, 12 June 2015

June 9th & June 12th, 2015

peanutluv468 - was claiming they would flash trade a founder if anyone did a good flash trade on them. Sounds unlikely. Gets a caution orange listing because I didn't see her scam anyone, but I personally think flash trading is highly suspicious. A Founders hat is a very good rare (if down in popularity because of the current spike and headress fad) and she could get decent rares for it, so I do not know what she wouldn't just try and trade fairly. (It is very hard to get a good picture of the scammer when town is full lol).

shorty2shoes - this is a red alert scammer. She was doing the "trust trade" scam and successfully scammed three times despite my warnings to people around her that she would do so. First, she scammed someone's viking hat in Zios, then ran away. She showed up minutes later in town trying the same scam and unfortunately was successful in scamming two other Jammers out of their rares, before finally running away for good. Report and block immediately.


  1. It's so annoying that the word "scam" is now censored. I personally use "scem" though lol.

  2. Yeah I really hate that. Idk why AJHQ banned that word.

  3. Hello firetigerx. You might know me as luigi07 if you remember me, but now I have a brand new account and I am willing to assist you with finding and bringing justice to scammers. I have a top of the notch screen recorder and safe chat so I can say any words I want to. I will be active from time to time and when I am active, I will be spending all my time searching for scammers and if I run into one, I will write their name down and report it to you. If you would like me to do all this stuff and help stop all these trollers and scammers, my username is charjack121. Just friend request me if you would like my help.



    I forgot to mention earlier that I have a youtube account and I could also use that to get people's attention for certain scammers.

    1. You're very kind to offer, but I have retired from making videos for now. You sound like you have everything you need to scammer hunt on your own though, so good luck! :)