Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Update on June 7th scammer listing.

There has been an update to a post I made on June 7th, 2012. The individuals involved have shown remorse and confessed to their scamming. I did not believe them before, but I do believe them now. For the honesty and courage they have shown all three (coco4092/tayandant, aanimal3 and historyloverz) have been green listed. Everyone deserves a chance to do the right thing and make themselves better people when they are honest with themselves and with others.

Please click here to read a little more about it (Update #3) in the June 7th post.


  1. Dear Firetiger,
    Thank you so much. From now on we WILL use the trade method. I wish we could give back everything we had scammed. I promise I will be a Jammer, not a Scammer. Thank you for the second chance. This is historyloverz.

  2. Um I think it's Coco4092.

    ~A Jammer

    1. It is. I wrote the post while very tired and obviously made a typo. LOL. Edited to make the correction. Good eye. :)

  3. firetiger,
    U r awesome for giving second chances! Even though im not a scammer I still appreciate when people give second chances to prove themselves! btw my user on Animal Jam is: pink4263 Plz add me i have buddies on animal jam that are youtube stars too!

  4. Hey Firetigerx It's luigi07. You Know. This day was my Birthday! Anyways, Thanks so much for stopping scammers! I can keep working with you if you like. What do you think? Please reply me your answer

  5. Hello! I am not a stalker! LOL! :P Anyways, what I do, is I befriended a scammer, can't remember, and when she went offline, I got a bunch of peeps to report her and she got banned! (the old send me a rare and I send you something rarer scam is what she used a lot Btw) She got banned but made another account. She said " hey my old account got banned bummer". When I told her what I did, she freaked out! Anyways, people always break into your house. XD ~penutbutterjellytime ( no that was not a typo peanut in my way is spelled in my user)

  6. i don't understand why people have to scam i only have been scammed once since i started animal jam and i have seen hundreds of hundreds of people scammed seriously it needs to stop i love your vids firetigerx! it really teaches people to be jammers instead of scammers!

  7. I love your videos thanks for stopping the scammers i would love to join you!
    add me- Razor608

  8. How can you be sure that some of the green listed scammers won't ever scam again? Remember that incident with herobrien123. I wouldn't really trust any scammers even if they confessed their remorse. They could be lying.
    Infinity Frozenspirit

  9. Hello FireTigerX!
    I love all of your scammer watching videos, and just by watching them, i have NEVER been scammed once. Thanks for helping me understand that some people in Animal Jam are not always telling the truth!
    - Frizzled

  10. Hi were have you gone??

  11. Wait what'd they try to scam?