Wednesday, 25 July 2012

July 25th, 2012

macey222 (member) - this person was saying "Send me rares and get anything on my list no scam." It's always a scam since they will just run away with the rare you sent or not give anything off of their trade list.

tgray5027 (member) - this person was saying they would give their tail armor to whomever sent the best rare as a free gift in a jamaagram. Ran away when I confronted him for scamming. Update: this person took the time and to track me down and try and explain themselves and apologize. He promises he won't scam anymore. I don't know if I believe him personally, but his status has changed from red-list to orange-list for the effort. This is likely the last time I will be lenient on a scammer who suddenly becomes remorseful when their name appears on the Scammer Watch List for a while, because they only ever seem suddenly sorry when caught.

bloom1000 (member) - this person was saying they would accept any trade from whoever sent them the best rare they didn't have. Thy will likely just run away with the rare or not accept the trade.


  1. actually i caught tgray5027 scamming again an you send me i send you

  2. Hey,i do not know if you have this guy on here but,He's blazing64 and he scammed my friend for his bow.I was there when this happened. Blazing64 said what for his bow. my buddy didnt know what so blazing said i will send you headdress for the bow. So my friend sent him his bow and then this is what blazing64 said.."haha you have got scammed bye". So right now me and my bff are trying to get his bow back for him. BTW buddy me im jayfeatherlover

  3. HOLY CRANOLIES! BLOOM1000 WAS MY BUD! IM EVERY SCAMMERS BUDDY! and report thegloveman, he tried to scam me 2 times