Monday, 2 July 2012

I am NOT Quitting! Not now - not ever!

Apparently many famous and rare Jammers have suddenly quit Animal Jam. I am not completely sure why they have done this and I am saddened whenever any good Jammer decides to leave the game. I had been playing with the idea of retiring (I hate the word quit, I prefer retire) but now I feel I must redouble my efforts on informing anyone who finds this blog or my youtube videos of the scammers in Animal Jam. I fear that they will start running ranpant now because they know not as many people are watching them and trying to stop them.

I don't have as much time to play Animal Jam as I used to, nor make videos, and it will be impossible for me to track down most scammers across all the servers, but I do my best to track down the liars and the greedy cheaters in this game - because I love this game and the Jammers who play it.

I will not make any promises, nor will I make baseless threats to scammers who read this blog, but no will I give up and turn my back on Animal Jam.

I will keep fighting for a safer and more fun Animal Jam no matter what.



Not a scammer!


  1. You go girl!!


  2. Yay! this is a great blog! it helps everyone know which scammers to look out for so they won't get tricked. I keep all the usernames of scammers I find. Great blog! :D

  3. Yay! I'm so glad!

    Quick question? Have you ever been accused of scamming? I have, and it is not fun....


    1. Yes, I have been accused of scamming many times. Almost 100% of the time I get called that by scammers who I have caught in the act of scamming and they are attempting to deflect from their own bad behaviour. It does not surprise me one bit that most scammers are also bullies.

    2. Thanks for responding! I try to stop scammers, but trying to question one is like talking to a BRICK WALL.


  4. Did you ever get scammed before? Well, Im guessing u might have, but Im not really sure. I don't want to get scammed.. also great blog! :)

  5. Yay!
    A scammer thought I scammed... LOL! XD

  6. Firetiger you should look up me, and chat, anytime you need help with getting these people , I see di so many everyday and it makes me sick.. Most of the ones I see I follow to there den as, that where most of them want to go... Once there are a few hammers in the den ..I call the scammer out .. Most just leave some try to keep the scam going, but I have made many friends in to member, so I know the number size of membership code ( there are all the same size ... Letters/number )

    Sadly I don't know how to do a video : /

    I see you all the time and gave sent messages , but you never answer back .. Not like I'm mad, up set... Just it would be nice to get these people off the site


  7. Hey Firetiger. It's luigi07. i just read your speech and I have to say:It is Great! Don't forget that i can always take your place if you need me too. Just Tell me on Animal Jam and i will go straight to work.