Monday, 7 November 2011

November 7th, 2011

coolmind1999 - this non-member was trying the "I decline all trades" scam. I didn't see it happen, but people were saying that he did accept some trades from their friends and scammed them.

Jasmine888888 (member) - this member starting trying the "I decline all trades" scam after she saw coolmind1999 doing it. She actually accepted (as real scammers who try this scam do) and made off with someone's heart locket.

mika2cool (member) - this person was promising to give a lion membership code to anyone who would trade them a glove. Ran away when I pointed out this was a scam because lion codes only work for people who have bought the gift card.

rex83378 (member) - this person was claiming to be offering top hat codes at their den, which is an obvious lie because there is no code for recieving free top hats.

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