Sunday, 6 November 2011

November 6th, 2011

jackamo3 - this non-member was claiming to be trading non-member gloves that have been hacked and are a neon color, at their den. First of all, hacking animal jam items or programming is forbidden in the rules, and secondly this person would not prove they had this item by putting it on their trade list.

andrew49 (member) - At first this guy was asking people to send him a rare item as a free gift because he said it was his birthday, and later asked people to trade him a rare for a non-rare item on his tradelist. I know this guy. It is not his birthday and he already has super rares like top hats and cuffs.

itisaparty - This non-member was saying that they would give a code for free lion membership if people to trade rares for the non-member necklace. When I confronted this person and asked why they had not used the code themselves, they claimed that they wanted to give someone else the chance to become a member. This is an obviously lie because when you purchase a gift card to get a lion, you have to give your (or your parent's) e-mail address, and it only works for animal jam accounts connected to that specific e-mail. This scammer ran away when I pointed this out.

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