Tuesday, 8 November 2011

November 8th, 2011

roney00 (member) - Wow. What an ordeal it was with this person. On this day I traded my aqua royal cape for a silver royal cape with one of the people on my buddylist. I put my silver cape on my trade list and I was in Jamaa Township, sitting where I usually do and waiting for a trade, when roney00 came up to me and started demanding that I "give back" the royal cape to her. Several lies and bullying tactics followed, including:

- the claim I traded her a sword for the royal blanket on October 1st. First of all, I would never make such a bad trade. Secondly, I wasn't even online October 1st, let alone on Animal Jam (* see last paragraph of this post). And Third, I just got the royal cape this very day, by trading one of my buddies.

- roney00 claims that her father invented Animal Jam. Do I even have to point out this is a lie? It's an absured claim to make. She then proceeded to impersonate her father and tried to bully me into giving up the royal blanket which he claims he saw that we traded for. The writing style, spelling and grammarical mistakes, all point to roney00 still being the one writing.

- roney00 then claims to call the police on me and says they are on their way to my house. First of all, the police have better things to do with their time then deal with disputes on a children's videogame. Seondly, how do the police know where I live and respond so quickly? When I pointed out I was using a computer at school, roney00 proceeds to then impersonate a police officer. (ROTFL) Again see: Police do not have time to spend investigating disputes on a children's videogame.

This person was lying and trying to bully me out of an item I traded fairly for with someone else - that is SCAMMING. She was trying to scam me, and had several people convinced that I was a scammer, and they were all begging me to "give it back." None of them believed my side of the story but eventually the awesome Jammer eye66ytht came and laughed with me over the absurity of the situation.

(* I know I was not on Animal Jam on October 1st because I was attending the funeral of a friend. I did not play on Animal Jam because I was TOO SAD, and I remeber that day well because it left a dark and empty space in my heart. Sorry, I know that I should not make emotional appeals or bring up topics unrelated to scamming on Animal Jam, but roney00's insistance that I traded her specifically on this day brough up some painful feelings and make me very angry.)


  1. XD the amazing eye strikes again. Oh ya I remeber seriourly in tears when the "police officer" said "now where do you live". I said I live in the middle of candy land right next to the rainbow pony ranch x3. I also remember saying how the cops weren't like jimmy johns they can't show up that quickly. Gawd animal jam has become infected with hackers scammer and immature brats >.< I remember the good ol beta days there were only like 2 scammers and no hackers

  2. And roney00 is same like Fantage999 or Fantage9999 (Forgot how many 9's are on her user)

    She also lied but did a awkward mistake at first
    She was nice at first and asked a question "Can I trade my cream worn for your grey?" I said "No...sorry"

    Anyways she said "Scam errr"
    And I was like "Who?"
    She said "This person scammed my grey glove!"
    "I don't own a grey glove!" (now I do and now I have a green worn)

    Then she said "NO! I MEANT YOU SCAMMED MY GREY WORN!!"
    That liar!
    I posted this on my blog

    anyways she then said "My sister gave me that worn."
    But she was lying!! I got that grey worn with my blue clover, blue locket and pink phantom statue

  3. Yes, people claiming that someone else scammed them because they have something that person wants seems to be the latest trend in scamming on Animal Jam.

    I think it is the worst kind of scamming because it is trying to bully that person into giving up their item with peer pressure and bullying is way worse than standard scamming in my opinion.

    It has happened to me and it does not feel good.

  4. Omg>.< People these days :/ something similar has happened to me, (here's the story): Friends1 Was in jamaa township saying "my cuffs for leaf necklace!" (when cuffs were rare)
    So I Asked if maybe she could hold the cuffs while i go and trade seth33 for a leaf. She said yes. so i got the leaf neckalce, traded her for the cuffs and she accepted. well then the next day she found me in jamaa and asked if we could trade back, well i didn't really want to, (besides it was the day before) and she started yelling at me. then rallied up some friends to start saying i scammed a lot of people. What Brats nowadays >.< they just can't get it through their thick skulls. Well Kepp Jammin' Tiger!
    ~Your Friend