Tuesday, 6 November 2012

November 2nd, 2012

LODEDDIP (member) - this person was asking people to send them rares in exchange for revealing Wando20's new username. When I confronted them they claimed they were not scamming despite asking for rare gifts for something that is NOT rare. (Wando20 now plays under the username Omnipotence). Lodeddip had been begging me for days to friend them and now I know why - they are a scammer and if I was on their buddylist they would be able to see where I am so they could send alts or scamming friends to scam somewhere other than where I am. And that is the reason I do not add people I have not known for a long time. >:L

coolbasketballking28 (member) - this person was promising to send a rare claw machine to anyone who sent them a present.

izzyandlola (member) - this person was trying to collect rares the lazy way by saying she would send everything she is wearing to the person who sent the best rare. She promised to send "bad rares" back but it is still a lazy and deceptive way to collect rare items since she has no intention of giving anything she is wearing to anyone. When some people send good rares and demanded the things she was wearing or their rare returned, she ran away like all scammers do.

denny24789 (member) - this guy was was trying a variation of the Lion Code scam, but instead of a lion code he said he was giving away a Arctic Wolf code to who every sent him the most or the best rares. He was trying this scam while using his Arctic Wolf so he obviously has no code to give because it is used already and therefore will not give an arctic wolf since all membership codes from gift cards are deactivated by AJHQ after being used once.

alana6118 (member) - this person was trying to gather rares in the lazy and dishonest way by making a false promise to give everything on their trade to whoever send her their best rare. Should be an obvious scam since she won't just trade her items for rares. Claimed to send bad rares back but several people said they did not get there stuff back and when they all started confronting her about scamming she ran away.


  1. Well i have caught LODEDIPP as well. Check out the video on my channel: ashleyforeverstar13. He works in a new scamming team called the "decline team" but now i think they go by the SilverBullets. Im actually not sure of the leader at this time, but there are many members of this team. Please look into it and i will contenue searching for more info of the leader. Oh and by the way, i havent seen your older posts from this one, but check out ringocat123. Huge scammer and i caught her on video. She later admited to me that she scammed because she didnt want to give away anything, only recive. Plus she hovers on my YouTube trying to become friends with me.... /).-
    Thanks Bye,
    Ashley aka Amber :o)

    1. What you should do is make an alt ( kind of what firetigerx did with emb0) and make a spy scam vid of them when they meet. Hope it helped!
      ~ wanna be ninja, penutbutterjellytime