Sunday, 9 September 2012

September 6th, 2012

roseyspiritlily (member) - this girl was trying the "Borrowing" Scam and was trying to beg and guilt trip people to lend her their rares so she could try them on. It should be obvious that she will just run away with the rare once you send it to her.

ashlynn8 (member) - this girl was DESPERATE to scam anything from anyone and what she said to try and trick people out of their rare items changed constantly. Thankfully no one fell for any of her obvious lies at the time.

lalalab (non-member) - this person was trying the "Double Items" scam and was claiming she would double and worn blankets you trade to her and then send one or both back. It should be painfully obvious that she will just run away with the worn since it is IMPOSSIBLE to double items in Animal Jam and anyone who claims they can do so is ALWAYS LYING. She came back later and claimed to have special computer software that could double items but using such a program to alter the Animal Jam game is considered HACKING too and is against the game rules. Either way she is still lying about being able to double items. Such software DOES NOT exist.

orangecore546 (non-member) - this guy was claiming to have regular member codes and lion codes that he would give away, yet strangely he was not a member himself... hmmm....

bbrc1 (non-member) - this person was claiming to be giving away rare spiked collars if you traded rares for the non-rares on his list, but wouldn't prove he had the spikes in the first place let alone trade fairly for them. I suspect this user is a storage account of another scammer trying to distract me from catching their real user because this animal made it very obvious that they wanted me, of all people, to see them trying to scam.

emb0 (non-member) - this known scammer tried to scam my friends non-member bow and arrow by saying they would tell them the whole story of the Hunger Games if my friend sent their bow. The hilarious part is, my friend did send something, and as soon as emb0 saw he had a jamaagram with a gift in it - he immediately ran away to his locked den - only the thing is, my friend send a non-member neclace that you can buy in stores, not a bow and arrow! LOL!


  1. Today, I found a huge scam. Her username is luv2karate, she said "win bow at my den". She kept saying send more stuff and tail armor for a greater chance to win bow. After someone sent her spike, she told everyone that she scammed them! She got plenty more rares! Please buddy me if you wanna help me stop scamming.


  2. I saw that last scammer I think you were done taking pics though.

  3. i want the scamming to stop! arghh

    -bella3388 big fan hi firetigerx!

  4. im gonna start looking for scammers 2 ^-^

  5. Somebody hacked my account! I got scammed and left with only 1 animal and the basic den with no items and no clothing... why do people do this stuff? :(