Saturday, 7 July 2012

July 7th, 2012

klaytoniscelldweller (member) - this person was saying they would send her headdress or spike to anyone who would send them a rare. I am guessing they will just run away once they recieve the rare item sent as a free gift, because that is how this scam usually occurs.

iwashere1221 (member) - this person was saying they would give thei spike collar to the first person who sent them a rare item as a free gift. This should be an obvious scam to wise Jammers, since people who say things like this usually just run away after they recieve the gift and not give the item they said they would send.

albert98709 (member) - this person was saying they would send their bow and arrow to anyone who would send them "really good stuff" (which implies he wants rares). When I called then out as a scammer he pretended to to send ME his bow and arrow (and claimed as much to everyone standing around) but infact he only took it off and sent me something that is in stores, before running away. See the video here.


  1. my dragon legendary glove got scammed by user:hoygirl. as i was new to jamagram i beleived when she said i will send spike... but apparently she didnt. she even said me to get killed by a car.I reported her .. hopefully the moderators will check and ban her and give back my pink dragon glove:(

    1. Never never never send things. >_<

      Trade only, one item for another, that is why the trade system exists.

    2. That. Is, SO MEAN AND HORRIBLE WHAT THE CHEESE! Im telling my friend about this...

  2. He only sent you a tiara!

  3. Nathan4456 scammed my red homemade wings by trading me his white tiara with a blue gem and saying it was beta. At first I believed cause I had never seen that color. But when i checked the store I saw it there. D':

  4. i searched his name on here because this person once scammed my lava archway...