Tuesday, 5 June 2012

June 5th, 2012

elisa (member) - This person tried to scam me out of my black legendary glove by claiming I traded them in March 2012 for it and that they now wanted to trade back. I got my black legendary way before that - and while it is true I do not remember what I traded at the time, I DO remember when I traded for it and WHO I traded - and it was NOT elisa. She got the date wrong and was trying to trick me into "remembering" something that was false so she could easily obtain my rare item. That is a very sneaky scam attempt.

aiman20 (non-member) - this person was trying the Decline All Trades Scam.


  1. Just right after you left... cameron45940 started to say send me gifts and i will give you my spiked collar. I know you have to see him in your OWN eyes. So just a warning :)

    1. I have seen him scamming and have photo evidence so cameron45940 has now been added to the scammer watch list.