Friday, 13 April 2012

April 12th, 2012

bengal111 (member) - This person was at first trying to scam by saying "Send me a rare and I will give you something off my tradelist." When no one would fall for it bengal then started saying "Come to my den and win a Rare!" I bit and went to their den, but of course when me and another person showed up, bengal started saying "Whoever sends me the best rare wins a prize." I did not send anything, but the other person sent two rares, and bengal made excuse after excuse not to send the promised prize until I mentioned that my Scammer Watch Cam was rolling, then all of a sudden bengal said they would send a prize to the person and actually followed through. I am sure that if I had not mentioned that I was recording (which I was) that bengal111 would have not sent the promised prize to the other person.

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