Thursday, 8 March 2012

March 8th, 2012

Nathan4456 (member) - today this person was trying to scam someone out of their black and red tail armor by "promising" to send a whole bunch of rares as gifts if the owner of the tail would send the tail as a gift. The owner of the tail armor asked Nathan to send something at the same time as the tail, but being no fool, didn't send the tail armor first. Turns out Nathan didn't send anything like he promised and then he started begging for the tail armor, making more outrageous promises to send very rare items that he probably did not have for the tail. The owner of the tail armor and other people told Nathan to stop trying to scam people and he eventually ran away.

maryaf (member) - At fist this person was begging for rares as free gifts and later was offering a Lion Code at there den. As most Jammers should know by now, Lion Codes can only be obtained when you buy a gift card.


  1. Heyo firetiger, i just would like to tell you of another scammer, claiming to be giving away a Non member bat wings code at their den, Their username is: smily38122. as someone else and i were claiming that there was no such thing, She decided to leave. Well keep jammin'!
    ~Your Friend

  2. So many people use the lion code scam not any other...wierd