Wednesday, 7 March 2012

March 7th, 2012

Skyrim24 (member) - this person was trying to convince people that their dark green old blanket (which can still be purchased in the cocoa hut in Mt. Shiveer) was a rare light green old blanket (also known as the Beta blanket), and trying to trick people into trading good rares for it.

samy81487 (member) - this person was saying "Send me a (rare) glove and I will send a clover blanket." This is a scam because clover blankets are now for sale in Jamaa Mart and are no longer rare.

Nathan4456 (member) - this person was saying "Send me clover blanket and I will send lava glove." This is likely a scam because no one is going to send a rare for something they can buy. Would have probably just run away afterwards.

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