Tuesday, 31 January 2012

January 31st, 2012

darbyrainbow (member) - At first this person was saying "Send me a flag or rainbow cloud if you want my rare mummy glove," but later was asking people to send her their rares so she could try them on, "promising" to send them back. Yeah right.

rozella1234 (member) - this person was begging people to send her unwanted rare items as free gifts. Which is too bad because I thought she had stopped begging/scamming. She is wearing rares (like black viking helmet) and has very good rares on tradelist.


  1. woah. she is a member? I was friends with her when rozella was a non member! O.o and me too I thought she stopped too!!

  2. Blackgueen is trying to scam people she a member