Wednesday, 21 December 2011

December 21st, 2011

VisualEffects (member) - this person has been called a huge scammer by many people! I have heard claims that VisualEffects has scammed at least three people I know out of their non-member scary bat wings and several worns and Mech Angel Helmets from other people. I was sitting in Jamaa Township today and there were at least seven people I do not know also claiming that VisualEffects scammed them. I do not know if these claims are true or not and I do not necessarily want to believe them because Visual Effects is the brother of a good friend of mine (see the comments), but just because I may be doubtful of the claims, does not mean that they are untrue. (*this entry was modified on January 2nd, 2012)

Update (January 24th, 2012) - Visual Effects has video evidence supporting his claims of innocence. For that he has been green-listed on my blog. See here: - also read the comments of this entry to learn more. VisualEffects's case is supported by the fact that I have seen Rebrebgame claim that many other people have scammed him. Rebreb is either very naive or is himself using the claim he was scammed to scam others.

coolmind123 - this non-member used to scam people with his old user coolmind1999 with the "I decline all trades" scam, and he was back in Jamaa today trying the same thing with this new user.

Seth33 (member) - this person scammed a buddy of mine out of a green non-member glove by convincing her to accept an unfair trade after he "promised" that he was leaving Animal Jam forever and wanted to give my friend all of his rares. Immediately logged off after the unfair trade and made off with my friend's glove. Seth33 is a long time and very notorious scammer who will cheat you out of your items with false promises and lies.  If you look at the rares his animal's are wearing I have heard many reports that pretty much all of those items have been scammed.


  1. firetiger this is lilypatilly and he is my brother and i watch him play sometimes and he doesnt have any worns and he traded 4 nm gloves for his nm wings and he traded like a clover and lockets for the other pair and 1 of his mech angel helmets he traded for a jester hat and clover and other stuff but his other helmet he accepted a trade for MEMBER wings but he could have told them or traded back or at least told them they were member wings but he really isnt that much of scammer but i dont watch him 247 so i have no clue. BYEZZZZZZ

  2. Well, there seems to be a lot of people who have been (or believe they have been) scammed by him. I admit I have not seen him scam in person but I have heard many people (some who are on my buddy list) say that he has scammed them out of one of their items, so I have only listed his name here because of what I have heard secondhand.

    Hopefully I am wrong though, and you brother is not a scammer, and many people are only saying he is a scammer because they are jealous of his hard work to get super good rares. I honestly do not know what to think personally.

  3. lolz i dont know for sure either


  4. That is ridiculous of you to post that even if you have nothing factual!! It's Rebrebgame and her friends attacking me, about 2 months ago in Jamaa rebrebgame REALLY wanted a pair of wings all she was trading was a cream worn "please you have 2 pairs of wings" she wouldn't leave me alone then she said "you'll regret not trading me those wings" so then she told all her friends she got bat wings and then i scammed them off of her. Go to my youtube or blog, my youtube has a video on her, shes starting to give me a bad name cause i wouldnt trade one of my bat wings and im getting really pissed! ,

  5. That doesn't surprise me - that people are spreading rumours about you because they are jealous of your rare items. I have seen that happen a lot lately and I have become reluctant to post about people who are suspected of scamming when I only hear about it from others and do not see it happen directly.

    Incidently, I haven't had a lot to post about recently. The newest scamming trend seems to be claiming other people have scammed in order to pressure them out of their rares or guilt trip strangers into donating their own. It really sucks and it peeves me off like nothing else.

    Thank you for the link to the video. It's very interesting and sheds light on a few things - namely that this is not the first time I have seen Rebrebgame falsely claim that someone has scammed them.

    You have officially been greenlisted on my blog (as in, not suspected of being a scammer anymore).

  6. Visual isn't a scammer, although he did snap at me once when I said rares are just overrated pixels (speaking my opinion). People like the ones who claimed VE is a scammer are the ones that are jealous and incompetent and cannot handle the fact that some people just have cool items.