Friday, 28 December 2012

December 21st, 2012

sandstorm3000 (member) - this person was trying the Snow Leopard code scam again today.

DukeJammer (member) - this person was trying the Decline All Trades scam.

coxrb13 (member) - this person was trying the Decline All Trades scam throughout the day in various areas of Jamaa.

sunstar73263 (member) - this person was claiming to be giving away any color headdress (she claimed to have all) for any rare you sent her. When I told her to put just one on trade so I could make a fair and generous trade for it she immediately ran away. It is obvious she does not have ANY headdresses at all and will just run away if you send her a rare and not give the promised item.

adrian2001 (non-member) - this person was offering unbelievably good rares (which he would not prove he had at all by putting them on trade) if you sent him rares. He is obviously unaware that non-members cannot accept gifts sent to them in Jamaagrams.

kkevans4 (member) - this person was claiming he would give his fox hat to whoever sent the best rare. Not only is this a lazy way to collect rares but he will probably not send the fox hat afterwards since he will not just trade fairly with it.

oldsmellyfoot1 (non-member) - this person was saying they would have a "surprise" for anyone who traded them a spike collar. This should be an obvious scam since they will not trade fair - I can guarentee the surprise it that he will run away with your rare and send nothing in return.


  1. krahulec was trying the birthday scam.

    He said that it was his birthday, and so they had to send him gifts.

    A scammers birthday is every day.


  2. Princess Prettywolf6 February 2013 at 20:37

    Wait, did u have ImTrustWorthyIsBack?! A GIRL SCAMMED ME AND HER USER WAS IMTRUSTWORTHY!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!

  3. first comment newer scammer oicu813 saying I never accept trade he ran off with spike and recycled it

  4. omg kkevans4 used to be my friend!! I gasped when I saw it, personally she was a scammer since I met her, she has been mean the last time I've seen her she has threatened to make videos about me and said she wouldn't do it if I sent her sister a rare.... so, I did, she was very kind and stuff :D I am so glad I found this I will never add kkevans4 again

  5. I'm pretty sure I say DukeJammer once... 8O


  6. Hello, there is a jammer who scammed me and i would appreciate it if you would put him on your scammer list. He said if i sent him my tail armo then he would give me a headdress. i sent him my tail armor, but he ran away. Luckly, i found him again and told him to give me it back. He traded my tail armor for my bows and he took my bows too. So i had the tail armor, but he sstill had my bows. I begged for him to give me it back but he didn't. My friend was so nice so she bought me some bows. But then he sold my bows and laughed in my face. So the point is he scammed my through the jam a grams. Again i would really appreciate it if you put him on your scammer list.
    Thank you,

  7. Just in case i didn't put his username, it was locked4455.
    From the person who got scammed from they're tail armor and bows,

  8. Hey! Why did you put my username on their???
    Are you stupid little asshole my username is oldsmellyfoot1 on Animal Jam.

    You fuck'in stupid asshole will pay 100 real money for me otherwise you will get into big real bad big trouble.

  9. Hi I'm puppiesluvpancakes! I have seen tons of Decline All Trades scammers. One is crazyfish001 . She ran away after she said she'd report us and get us banned after me and three other people sold her out as a scammer.

  10. Ok so there is also another scam i tell you:

    I wanted to be adopted so I went to aj's adopted center.( I actually have really good items). So when i finally arrived at the adopting center i called out "plz adopt me :(" Then a guy called...Ugh i can't remember said that he would adopt me So then i said: yay!!!. A few minutes later i went to his den and he said you are my daughter now...I was so happy but then he told me that first I had to give him 3 of my rare bows and 1 rare. :( So then i called him a scammer then ran away....

  11. Cupcakesofdoom is another scammer, he was saying i decline all trades then my friend traded him her rares and cupcakesofdoom ran away. It's a sad story. :(

  12. I just got scammed on aj, my RARE VIKING HELMET. I dont remember the username. What happened was it was a headdress giveaway, somebody flash her a really good item and she declined, then i traded her my viking helmet, she accepted, locked her den... :'( -Pony1239