Thursday, 13 December 2012

December 11th, 2012

xxraretophatsxX (non-member) - this person was trying the Decline All Trades scam.

XxepicclawxX (non-member) - this person was saying they would send a spike to anyone who would send then a rare anemoa head bow to them for the non-rare on their list, yet they would not put the spike on trade to prove they has one and I can guarentee that they don't even have one at all.
See the video of XxepicclawxX trying to scam here.


  1. How dare these ppl scam on my birthday.. D:

    There will be revenge.. >:3

    (I have no idea what revenge might be, probably nothing. XD)


  2. bossyedge is a scammer i saw the gift stuff for codes scam

  3. Hi Firetigerx! You inspired me and a couple of my friends to start a scammer warch (lol i mean watch) blog ( and they said to make an "alliance" with you. My friends are weird. So yeah. What ever that means.

  4. omg i just realized i already commented about that never mind -facepalm- SORRY

  5. Yeah I have a scammer to bring out here is plushiecollecor200 she said send me the best item at her den and get rare bow and arrow. one person sent him a graves tone but guess what the winner was someone who sent 2 rare cupcake hats. they went to the 'winners' den and she said i will send it obviously she didnt send it she ran with the rares. when are some people going to learn. she sadly scammed gold brick and tail also, she is quite a good scammer. firetigerx hope u get a video of her. - RazorAJ- report her please jammers.

  6. wafflezatemeh is a scammer he scammed my orange pirate sword