Wednesday, 26 September 2012

September 24th, 2012

JustTradeMeFair (non-member) - this person, who has the most hilariously ironic username ever, was trying the Decline All Trade scam.

kiki476 (non-member) - this person was also trying the Decline All Trades scam.

goodgirl3302 - another person with an ironic username trying to scam, using the Decline All Trades tactic.

jammer89935 (non-member) - and yet another Decline All Trades scammer.

wolfpax797 (non-member) - not only did I catch this person scamming again, I also got them on video admitting they work for emb0. I kind of actually suspect wolfpax797 IS emb0, but whatever. Watch the video and ROTFL like I did. 


  1. Hey! I saw that JustTradeMeFair guy saying that he was VisualEffects.... He said that his main acount was banned, but would come on after the update. I searched JustTradeMeFair after the update; not online. Then I thought "well then he must be on his main account, VisualEffects!" I searched VisualEffects; not online. He was also being a bully before the update. He traded someone unfairly, so they declined. Then he threatened and shouted at them to do the trade or he would ban them.. (since when could a single jammer ban another jammer..?) Then I started to tell him that if she didn't like the trade, she didn't have to accept. Then he made up an excuse.. he said: "Oh, sorry! That was my sister! It wasn't me."
    What do you think?

    1. I was there! I saw that! I remember that thing. -wolfypoof

    2. whats an ironic user? and how is the user goodgirl ironic?

    3. Good girl is ironic because she says she is good but she's doing sOmetjing bad aka scamming. Hope you understand that ^^ -wolfypoof

    4. its ironic cuz 1: they might be a boy ands 2:they are being bad
      P.s> an ironic user is a user that doesnt make sense. ex: AlwaysTrusting - u catnt trust him - hes a scammer and........
      want proof? ask catgirl1907!

    5. hes a brat. that gurl is allowed to decline whatever she wants!
      -toothless345 the dragon lover

  2. an ironic user is a user that doesnt fit. also, 1: there being bad. 2: they might be a boy.

  3. Theres this scammer who scammed me ( no proof cuz i didn't take a screenshot) His name is AlwaysTrusting (ironic, ikr?)
    They took mah clover blanket :(


    - MonkeyFacts

  5. Justtrademefair scammed me! I was in that photo! I got my candy cane stolen, Im the panda called Rosey Coolpanda. He wouldn't trade back!! >:U