Thursday, 30 August 2012

August 26th, 2012

uo52434 (member) - this person was trying to scam by saying if you sent her a short spike collar then she would send you a long spiked colar in the same colour. It should be obvious that she will just run away if anyone ever sends her a spiked collar of any kind. When some friendly Jammers and I confronted her about being a scammer, and I told her that I was recording her attempts to scam, she tried to deflect from her own scamming by calling me a scammer.

See the (admittedly long) video. Click here.


  1. Some person named princessofshadows (i forgot the numbers) tried to hack my catgirl1907 accound with the membership thing.

    1. well i had a red and black spike and uo52434 hacked me for it she even told me she did

      NARTHERNQUEEN (with a a not o)

    2. No i did not me princessofshadows in inasent!

  2. its meh with da eyeball hat and the worn!!!!! im Dudespie

  3. im not a scam you don't even know if i am.

  4. Uo52434 is no scam im sorry your wroung she got me my black spike.

  5. Hi
    well about uo52434 she is a scam i wish i watched this video before she scammed my black spike and my buds purple we fell for it she used her other account (lovewow) and her fooled me!