Friday, 24 August 2012

August 19th, 2012

coggear (non-member) - this person was trying the decline all trades scam. When people confronted him to get him to stop, he claimed we were trying to ruin his fun because he seriously thinks that trying to scam people is enjoyable. >_>

freedomewithme (non-member) - this person was trying the Lion Code scam. When a pointed out that he was a scammer, he started running around Jamaa saying that I was a scam and that people to report me. That's the ultimate form of deflection of personal responsibility right there - meaning, he's trying to distract people from the fact that he was just trying to scam. See the video. Click here.

Jammer65371 (member) - this person was trying the Lion Code scam.

joha13 (member) - This person was promising to send a rare item if you sent them one first. Like all scammers she will probably just run away once she has the rare and not send anything back. Later, she was trying to guilt trip people into sending her rares, claiming she herself got scammed.


  1. No I wasnt trying 2 scam i'm serious u were

  2. weres rafe12344 in this report and his vid

  3. i'm serious u were scammin firetigers

  4. Wow dude ur still on to that she dont scam she never has never will u really need to learn that