Tuesday, 17 July 2012

July 16th, 2012

blueocean51 (non-member) - this girl was trying the Decline All Trades scam - daring people to trade her rares for the non-rare items on her trade list.


  1. Heyyyy! She tried that on me!!!


  2. It's a pity to see all these con-artists (scammers) out in Jamaa. I really wish for them to give up their evil ways (like some of them have) and just trade fairly for the item of value they want. It would mean much more to them, because they actually worked for the item, and they'll probably treasure it more. Instead, they scam it, and they don't really see the awesomeness of that item, other than it's just another item... ehh nothing much. :/ Hopefully, with more jammers like you, firetigerx, we will be able to abolish scamming for good (same goes for hacking and inappropriate people). They may argue that this is just a game, and it occurs in real life too. But, Animal Jam is a kids game, aimed at teaching kids the planet, animals, and plants... One of National Geographic's goals. However, everything has spread away from that concept, and Jamaa has become a trader game... With all these... Inappropriate people, scammers, hackers, etc. Hopefully we will all see a Jamaa, free from these errors, and back on track, to chat with friends, play games, customize your animal, decorate your den, trade some, and learn cool facts about the planets amazing plants and animals. That in itself, would be the Jamaa everyone wants, the Jamaa of Animal Jam.Be more of a balance.

    1. I completely agree Goofy. What you have said here is a big part of why I do what I do. I want Animal Jam to be a fun and safe environment for Jammers of all ages. I do like rares and trading, but that is only a small part of what Animal Jam is supposed to be about. When I joined the focus was on learning and shamans and respecting the Earth and each other. Now it's about parties and collecting matiral weath. And that's sad.