Tuesday, 12 June 2012

June 12th, 2012

cricket21 (member) - this girl was trying to convince someone that if they sent their headdress then cricket would send a spike collar. This should be an obvious scam since most people won't even TRADE a spike collar for a headdress. Like all scammers, I am sure cricket21 would just run away once they recieved the headdress in a Jamaagram and not send the spike collar.

jing8888 (member) - not having learned the first time (see here) that scammers are trash, this person was saying "Send me a rare and you can get anything I am wearing but hurry." Several people sent items and recieved nothing in return. Now with the first video I made of this person scamming, someone was insistent to argue about whether jing8888 was actually trying to scam then, but there is absolutely no confusion or debate that jing8888 is scamming this time - as you can see for yourselves on the latest video (click here). Welcome back to the Scammer Watch List jing8888.

pacer213 (member) - this person was saying that they would send a headdress and pair of earrings to the 10th person who sent them a gift. Not only is this a lazy way to collect rares, but they will likely not send anything afterwards and just run away. 

jing8888 (member) - I caught this person AGAIN, trying the exact same scam on the exact same day. Several people sent rares and jing8888 just ran away afterwards and sent nothing. Being that I caught this person twice in one day (and for the third time on this blog) jing8888 should now be considered a RED ALERT scammer.

dearlybelovedsora99 (member) - this person was saying people could win the New Year's hat they were wearing if they were sent rares as free gifts. Also claimed to not be a scammer, but ran away when I pointed out that they should trade.

darthraven (non-member) - this non-member was offering an unused Lion Code at their den, noting that it was not for free. That means they will demand rares items for what in all likelihood is a fake code - it's always a fake code, by the way, ALWAYS! 


  1. Sharkmania sates that if you trade him rare he will trade u a "rare" plushie which is the herment crab u can get from the touch pool

    -anonymous (username not stating)

  2. elektronik101212 June 2012 at 23:01

    I saw jing8888 trying to scam about 2 hours ago, when me and 5 or 6 other people called her a scammer she ran away.

  3. i have a crazy idea but it might just work, ask jing8888 why she scams and well everything has a reason, she isnt just born to scam. im kinda curious why she does it. maybe cuz someone did that to her and she wants revenge, anything goes...

  4. Jing8888 is my best friend.... She is very fun and supportive... I'll ask her to stop scamming her so no need to worry jammers! She'll stop as soon as I tell her to.. 

    1. Jing8888 is not a "fun and supportive" person if she is stealing from others and making them feel terrible. Also I have this suspition that she is using a new account now.

    2. I have also seen a scammer, and this one scammed me. For my blue headdress and silver bow and arrow! Her username is Berrytopia4 please catch her! After she had scammed me, i had written down her username, so a few days later, i searched her and buddied her, she accepted! She must have forgotten my username, anyways, we are still buddies, but I don't like her a bit D:<

    3. For your information Firetigerx, Jing8888 has changed her username and is no longer scamming. I found her one day, and she confessed that she was only scamming since her all her friends are doing it and she wanted to fit in. Because in her early childhood she didn't have any friends and she didn't want to lose the ones she had now. She changed her username because she wanted to start over, without the peer pressure of her friends. Aside from that, she has given her users out to her most trusted friends when their membership ran out. I was one of them so I just wanted to point that out as a gratitude for her helping me. Also I would say she is a great friend if you get to know her well, she just need to be led towards the right path. If you were not to believe me, find me on aj and I can show you. My user is: HiddenxFallen

    4. Jing8888 is awesome... And I don't even think the account exists anymore...