Monday, 11 June 2012

June 10th, 2012

wolf16422 (member) - this person was saying "if ya send me a pink headdress i will send you my gold lava glove." Would not answer when I asked why she would not just trade one for the other. I assume, like all scammers who try this, that she will just run away one she recieves the headdress as a gift.

1stlegocreator (member) - I caught this guy scamming again today and he was saying things like "Send me rares and I will tell everyone you are kind" and "donated rares go to the monkey fund." He played dumb several times when I challenged him on the reasons why he wanted rares and eventually he and his friends threatened to report me because I wouldn't let him get away with scamming (they claimed I was bullying him.)

The video of 1stlegocreator trying to scam can be found here.


  1. Here is one,sirina123. She said that Whoever sends me the rarest rare, gets 5 years of free membership! Didn't work for me, i didn't fall for it.

  2. ptownchelsea is also a scammer. i saw them yesterday at a persons den (i went there cause the person was advertising a spike for trade) and there was a conflict between them and the owner of the spike. they asked me to add them, and so i did. today, they came up to me and accused me of scamming their supposed "3 headdresses" from them and told me to give them back. i only had one headdress, and i had it the day i met them. also that day they had said that they had a headdress, but refused to wear it and it wasnt on any of their animals. but today, after ptownchelsea accused me, their friend told me that they sent ptownchelsea items and ptownchelsea told them that they would send headdress in return. also, the owner of the spiked collar told me that ptownchelsea had tried to scam them before. after everyone left but ptownchelsea and i, i tried sitting down and talking with them. all they did was beg me to send them my headdress, and when i said no and tried to ask them why they wanted it, and why they were blaming me, and made it clear i only wanted to know and wasn't mad, they just logged out.

  3. I met 1st legocreator in jamma! He tried to scam me! He said that i send him jy black non member glove and he send his his headress to me

  4. I FOUND A SCAMMER!!! Go here: She claims she is getting presents for her 3 year old sister. THROUGH A GAME. And some doosh sent her a bow and arrow, but luckily it was gold, and she was a non so she couldnt put it on. I forgot her user, But I dont care, she dont deserves attention!