Thursday, 10 May 2012

May 10th, 2012

hovikdem323 (member) - this person was trying the Decline All Trade scam, promising to decline everything, even worn blankets. The subtle hint, of course, was the mention of the worn blanket - so people would try and trade that very item and this person could then accept it and run away like all scammers who try this scam do.

jing8888 (member) - when this person first showed up in Jamaa Township they were saying "Send me rares and the first one gets my bow! Hurry!" I called them out as a scammer (I admit I even trolled a little) and they not only got very upset, but when people around us started asking what was going on and my friend and I told them about jing's attempts to scam, jing denied absolutely everything at first. Later they claimed they had mentioned that they would send non rare items back (which, if you watch the video, jing did not say at all). When I mentioned I was recording, and when my friend and I were telling the others about jing's attempts to scam, jing repeatedly called us liars. I have it all on video where you can see not only jing's attempts to scam but every denial afterwards. Click here.


  1. Firetigerx
    I love you blog :) Do you think we can be buddies?
    I know some scammers. (How I know is.. uh... painful :I)
    And I want to catch scammers :>
    ~ElephantWolf (formally rex16000)

    1. I love YOUR blog... I DOn't date :p
      ~~~~~same person

  2. The.decline all trades scam.... Sometimes people really do decline it. So far I know 2 people who ACTUALY decline all trades. They do it for fun or there bored. So, if you have an unwanted account, collect rares with it and try to trade before calling them a scammer and/or reporting them. Is you do you might just calling an honest and bored person a scammer.

  3. Hi firetigerx, I love your blog!!!
    Today I saw a lion code scammer... Funny that he wasn't a member. Anyways, his username is soccerking23, just in case you see him... Thanks!

  4. -sigh-
    Seems like there's always at least two scammers sighted everyday. Animal Jam is becoming a world full of scammers. -sigh- How I wish just the humiliation of being caught on video and being posted where everyone could see them would stop them. But it doesn't stop some very ambitious scammers. -sigh-