Sunday, 15 April 2012

April 15th, 2012

awesomebunnies - this non-member was trying the Decline All Trades scam in Jamaa Township. When no one would fall for that, she dared people to flash trade her rare items. Later in the day she was promising to send people rare items like a freedom hat if they would trade her rare items for the non-rares on her list. She also claimed to have a solid red tophat, but would not prove it by putting it on trade. Even later she openly admitted to scamming with hotty300 and said she thought scammers were cool (she may have just been trolling for attention at this point though). I did have her Decline All Trade and Flash scamming on video, but the file was corrupted and I cannot upload it. T_T

peach3424 (member) - this person was asking people to "Flash trade her slow" so she could see the item. It's not flash trading if you give the person time to respond - that defeats the whole point of FLASH trading. She was saying that she was slow and couldn't see what was being traded and being that she is a known scammer, she was probably saying this so she would have time to accept and take the rare item being flash traded. Everything on her trade list was non-rare items. Ran away when people pointed out she was a known scammer.

FurryForest125 - non-member trying Decline All Trades scam at a trading party.


  1. Freedom hats are rare? But you can easily get one in the claw machine in the trading party.

    PS: Love your blog!

  2. Wow! I am good friends with FurryForrest125! Huh. . .