Friday, 17 February 2012

February 16, 2012

likeaG6yo - this non-member was trying the Decline All Trades Scam when I first came into Jamaa Township, then not long after started flash trading me repeatedly. When I asked him to stop he started spamming my inbox with jamaagrams. After about 30 if them I blocked him and went back to talking to my friends. They were telling me that after I blocked him that he was accusing me of scamming and hacking.


  1. It was that koala! Grrr he did the same to me! He called me ugly.. :l Grrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. pinkyelephant7 scammed budlove's pink collar!!!

  3. luigi07.i just saw a scammer named cooljammer66

  4. Hey!
    For some reason, it say ur not meh buddeh anymore DX
    Whenever u get the chance,
    please add me again ^0^

    ~Dg7 :)

  5. luigi07.something seems different.etheir there hasn't been much scamming going on,or jammers are scamming secretly.don't you think it's kind of suspicous that there hasen't been much scamming?