Thursday, 19 January 2012

January 19th, 2012

nadya88 (member) - This person was offering lion codes at their den.

meme95 (member) - This person was saying "Send me a pufferfish plushie and I will send 3 gloves in return." They would not just trade the three gloves for the pufferfish and got upset because people recogized it was a scam and told her to stop. Tried to guilt trip people into feeling sorry for her because she claimed people were being mean to her because they pointed out her scamming tactics.

pussnaetor (member) - This person was also offering lion codes at their den.

pinkyelephant7 (member) - This person was asking someone to send a legendary glove as a free glove and in return they would send that person a different color legendary glove. Would not explain why they would not just trade one glove for the other using the fair and convenient trading feature that Animal Jam implements. I am guessing that this person would just run away with the legendary glove once it has been sent to them, because that is how this scam usually works.

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