Friday, 21 October 2011

October 21st, 2011

jayne1919 (member) - this person was saying "Send me a gift - best gift wins a prize." When people asked what the prize was she became angry, complained people were giving her a hard time and ran away.

blingo2 (member) - this person was sayng "Person who sends me the best rare wins my worn blanket - no scam." Yeah, right. This person already has lots of rare items on trade list and worn blankets will not be rare anymore in about a week from now, so even if she does send the blanket afterwards, it is still a scam. Not to mention that she keeps the rare items that all the other people sent.

ashley58753 (member) - this person was begging for free gifts using the "It's my birthday today" scam.

jewelprincez (member) - this person was back again today begging for gifts, again claiming to be poor.

mydog6 (member) - this person showed up to a den party and started being for unwanted item gifts.

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