Thursday, 8 September 2011

September 8th, 2011

suitelife99 - back today using the EXACT SAME scam as she did two days ago on September the 6th.

She lures people to her den with promises of sending rare torn blankets or non-member gloves for free, then tries to make a very unfair trade for one of your rares on your trade list - promising to send the torn blanket or glove afterwards. She never sends the item and makes off with your rare while you are left with the cheapest in store item, like a non-member necklace.

Cottoncandy732 - (member) begging for unwanted item gifts. Uses guilt trip tactics.

alexandraxing (member) - this scammer invites people to his den with promises of giving away free gloves. He then attempts to trade a common in store item for one of your rare items and says that he will send the glove after. He, of course, does not send the glove and you are left with a normal item while he makes off with your rare. Later tried to lure people to his den with "Who likes Glee?"

secretballet (member) - begging for free gift items using the "It's my birthday today" scam - with a twist; she approaches other members personally and asks if they will send her a gift. She is wearing extremely rare items and has a trade list full of rares as well.

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